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Allah obliterates US Navy fleet: Iran spits in our face with new music video

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The United States has bent over backwards to give the Islamic Republic of Iran everything it wants — including the payment of a ransom for the release of four American hostages and secret exemptions in the Iran nuclear treaty.

But they still don’t feel the love.

US ships


Now Iran — which Obama’s own State Department calls a top state sponsor of terrorism — has released a propaganda music video depicting the destruction of the U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet, which is deployed in the Persian Gulf.

The video is in apparent response to the Navy’s destruction of Iran Air flight 655, 28 years ago by a surface-to-air missile launched from the USS Vincennes, which mistook the civilian aircraft for an Iranian fighter jet.

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The Vincennes was previously engaged in action against Iranian Navy speedboats, which led to the mistake — but Iran has never bought it. It claims that it was an intentional to frighten Iran.

The video, titled “We Resist to Last Drop of Blood,” was produced at a cost of $385,000 by the government Art Bureau’s Soureh Film Club. The Islamic Propagation Organization, whose head is appointed by Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei owns Soureh Film according to China Topix.

US ships 2

Its lyrics, sung by an unknown artist, proclaim:

“If I’m patient, it doesn’t mean I’m apathetic / the world has seen I’m always a fighter / … Oh warship, your loud roar does not scare me … / If you dare come near me, I will break your legs.”

The video opens with a child — apparently on the doomed Iran Air flight 655 — sleeping peacefully before the jetliner takes off to its destruction.

Afterwards, the fleet is destroyed by huge waves of water — by Allah? Several times nuclear power plants are depicted in the background, which may indicate the true cause.

The only thing remaining after the warships sink to the bottom is a burning American flag.

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