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Watch Bill Clinton sounding a LOT like Donald Trump in 1995 — to a standing ovation!

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What if I told you that, not so very long ago, an American President gave a speech to a joint session of Congress calling for secure borders, a record number of border guards, deporting criminal aliens, cracking down on illegal hiring, and barring welfare benefits to illegals?

This President even had the gall to call the United States a nation of laws and, worse still, got a standing ovation from both sides.

Surely it was it Dwight Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, or even a Bush, right? (OK I know the title gives it away, but play along with me.)

Wrong! The speech was given by none other than the would-be first-husband himself, former President Bill Clinton, just 21 years ago, in 1995.

Of course, Donald Trump gave a very similar, if not longer speech himself on Wednesday night, but the reaction from the mainstream media was quite different.

Great find by NumbersUSA, who shared the video on their Facebook page:


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Scott Morefield


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