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The left might be losing its mind, but the National Review loves Trump’s immigration plan

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While Donald Trump‘s immigration speech was met with predictable outrage by the left, a conservative publication is giving the GOP nominee a round of applause.

In his speech in Phoenix, Ariz., on Wednesday, Trump presented a “sensible, realistic path” to immigration reform, according to the editors at the notoriously anti-Trump National Review.

In a piece published Thursday, Trump was praised for focusing on the “right priorities” as his plan “always has been based on the entirely commonsensical principle that America’s immigration policy should serve American interests.”

The editorial lauded Trump’s proposals to zero in on “turning off the jobs and benefits magnet,” explaining:

“It’s for this reason that the common refrain of either amnesty or mass deportations is a false choice. Much of our illegal-immigrant population is here because the economic incentives outweigh the possible costs. Reversing that calculus would cause many to go home. But deportation is still a necessary tool. Trump has rightly determined to focus limited government resources on criminal aliens — illegal aliens residing in the country who have committed crimes. This superficially resembles the Obama administration’s stated enforcement policy, but, of course, the administration has gutted interior enforcement, while Trump is promising to strengthen it dramatically.”

The editors admitted that Trump’s rhetoric has sometimes been “reckless” and at times, “seemed to play to feelings of animosity,” but the Review still found his immigration plan to be a good one.

“But on the merits, Trump has put forward a responsible immigration agenda,” the editorial board wrote.

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