President Obama’s former doctor just weighed in on Hillary’s health with a real blockbuster

President Obama’s former doctor called on Hillary Clinton to undergo medical tests and release her medical records.

“I think she should have had a neurological examination, a thorough neurological examination in 2016,” Dr. David Scheiner told host Erin Burnett Tuesday on CNN, noting that a letter from Clinton’s physician is not enough.

The note from Clinton’s doctor stated that she showed a full recovery from a concussion and tested negative for clotting disorders in follow-up tests in 2013.

“We know what happens to football players who have had concussions, how they begin to lose some of their cognitive ability,” Scheiner warned.

He specifically pointed to Clinton’s age of 68 and the fact that she is on certain medications, like the blood-thinner Coumadin which is used to prevent blood clots. “I’d like to know how well she is being controlled,” Scheiner said, noting that the particular medication is a difficult one to use.

“I think both of them should release their records,” he added, referring to Donald Trump.

Scheiner called on the Republican presidential nominee to release real medical records as well, revealing information like his height and weight.

When asked the non-medical question of his choice for president in the coming election, Scheiner did not hesitate to answer.

“I have misgivings about Hillary Clinton but by far she is superior to him,” the doctor said, referring to Trump. “He scares the devil out of me.”

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