Remember that tattoo Cruz poster? Wait until you see what the artist just did to ‘THE BEAST HILLARY’ !

The Hollywood street artist strikes again.

The artist known as SABO has blanketed city streets with some, ahem, “unsavory” images of Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

As it just so happens, SABO’s Twitter handle is “Unsavory Agents” and he gave social media a taste of his latest work titled, “The First Female POTUS, above the law and out of touch.”

This isn’t SABO’s first dance with illegal street art. He gained many fans in March of 2014 when he graced Hollywood with posters depicting Ted Cruz and his inner-badass.

This time around though, the tattoos of cash and a prominent vulture instead of an American eagle aren’t meant to have the same effect on “Hillary Rotten Clinton” as the pro-American Ted Cruz version.

“This woman is a Saul Alinksky trained Beast who has zero regard for the unborn and the law,” Sabo said on his website. “She’s all about the Benjamins, GRRRL POWER, and death. What’s she holding behind her back, a knife, a gun, the head of Bernie Sanders?”

There are about 20 posters that were illegally affixed to light poles, walls and just about everywhere else during the dead of night, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

As you can imagine, not everyone was amused by SABO’s latest edition:

If only BleachBit worked on street art.

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