MSNBC host forced to apologize to GOP’s Sean Spicer for her obnoxious behavior and joke of an interview

Things got so heated during an MSNBC interview with a GOP official that the show’s host had to offer an apology for her actions.

It’s unclear why anchor Stephanie Ruhle didn’t just prop up a cardboard figure to browbeat.

Ruhle began the interview Friday by telling Republican National Committee strategist and communications director Sean Spicer “clearly you’re in the hot seat.” What followed was a contentious exchange as Ruhle continually interrupted Spicer and pressed him over “outlandish” remarks made by GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

“Both candidates have their work cut out for them, so do you,” Ruhle said at the end of the interview. “Sean, I apologize for interrupting you earlier,” she continued. “Clearly this is a very heated time.”

Ruhle had asked Spicer to comment on Thursday’s speech by Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in which she attacked Trump on race issues. Clinton’s attacks were “somewhat desperate” Spicer said.

“Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a bigot. That’s not desperate?” Ruhle asked but then continued before Spicer could respond.

“No, hold on,” she said. “If you’re saying that Hillary Clinton is pivoting, I would like you to not pivot.”

The two continued to try to speak at once with Ruhle finally saying, “Sean, please, please answer my question.”

But when she interrupted Spicer again and prevented him from responding, the GOP official fought back.

“Stephanie, can I answer the question?!” Spicer asked. “At some point you need to let me answer it if you want an answer.”

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Frieda Powers


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