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Hillary refuses to answer media’s questions about Clinton Foundation, offers them chocolates instead

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Hillary Clinton displayed some expert dodging as she avoided reporters’ questions and offered them sweets instead.

Sampling some chocolates Thursday from Dorinda’s Chocolates, a family-owned business, in Reno, Nevada, the Democratic presidential nominee refused to answer – or even acknowledge – questions from the press.

Clinton can be seen in video from the event enjoying the chocolate and making small talk with the store’s staff while surrounded by reporters. She did not respond when one asked “Now is a good time for a question, right?”

“I want you to offer some to the press,” Clinton said to the store staff. “They are so wonderful, so cooperative, so hard-working. They deserve a piece of chocolate.”

One reporter, referring to her attacks on rival Donald Trump for embracing racism, asked, “Why not outright call Donald Trump a racist?”

“Secretary Clinton, any comment on your foundation?” another reporter asked.

And while others called out for her attention, not one got a response other than the former secretary of state’s encouragement to try the chocolate.

As Clinton walked away, the tray-bearing employees stepped in front of reporters forming a barrier between her and the press.

And sadly, it seems, that offer did not materialize for reporters, according to Reno Gazette-Journal Reporter Seth A. Richardson.

Other press and social media users expressed their thoughts on the Clinton chocolate encounter.

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