‘Spooky’ caller threatens Trump live on Glenn Beck show if candidate fails to deliver on promises

Paging Secret Service …

A caller identifying himself as a Donald Trump supporter called into the Glenn Beck radio show on Wednesday and threatened to “get him” if the GOP nominee fails to follow through on earlier promises.

With Trump reportedly “softening” his position on immigration, a caller identified as Nate dismissed the shift as the candidate “just saying these things to get elected.”

“As long as he does the basic things, the foundational things, which is build a wall, he’s not going to have people like me coming after him,” he added.

“So if he doesn’t build a wall like China, then he’s in trouble?” Beck asked.

The caller was then very clear about what to expect.

“Oh, he’s in so much trouble,” Nate warned. “You don’t even understand the backlash of us, the ones who are so frustrated and angry and tired of all the political stuff. We are going to come after him personally. You know what I mean? We’re going to get him.”

Beck pressed to clarify if he meant violence, and Nate answered that they would seek the “most peaceful way that you can get rid of a president,” meaning impeachment.

But he didn’t rule out violence when Beck pushed.

“Well, I mean, hey, you yourself said he’s condoned violence in the past, hasn’t he?” Nate asked. “I’m just saying, he’s appealing to people who are very frustrated and angry. Their frustration and anger can only be subsided if he makes his promises true. And he has a lot on his shoulders.

“Maybe he himself doesn’t even know how much. But if he doesn’t come through for us, he’s going to have bigger problems, bigger problems than what you know.”

Beck ended the call at this point, saying, “Thank you for one of the spookiest phone calls I think I’ve ever received.”

Tom Tillison


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