Trump nemesis Jorge Ramos warns media: ‘Judgment day is coming … neutrality is not an option’

And you thought Donald Trump was kidding when he said his real opponent is the media?

Just as Univision anchor Jorge Ramos makes little effort to downplay his open-border views, the Trump nemesis is openly calling on the media to do away with any pretense of neutrality when reporting on the 2016 presidential election.

In an op-ed published in Time, the Mexican-born journalists cautioned members of the media who fail to heed the call that “judgment day is coming.”

“It doesn’t matter who you are — a journalist, a politician or a voter — we’ll all be judged by how we responded to Donald Trump,” Ramos wrote. “Like it or not, this election is a plebiscite on the most divisive, polarizing and disrupting figure in American politics in decades.

“And neutrality is not an option.”

Ramos could not have been more clear about there being no options, issuing a stern warning to those who don’t fall in line.

“Regardless of whether Donald Trump wins or loses, we will be asked on November 9th: What did you do?” Ramos said.

“Did you support him? Were you brave enough, ethical enough, to challenge him when he insulted immigrants, Muslims, women, war heroes and people with disabilities?” he continued. “Are you on the record correcting his lies?” Did you discuss with your friends and family that in a democracy like ours there is no room for racism and discrimination? Or did you just seat idly, silently, allowing others to decide the future of the United States?

“Because you will be asked.”

The subjectivity of Ramos’ many accusations notwithstanding.

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Tom Tillison


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