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Team Hillary says Clinton Foundation went ‘beyond legal requirements.’ We feel much better . . . you?

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Nothing to see here folks, just move right along.

No need to wait for FBI Director James Comey to come out and clear Hillary Clinton again, Team Hillary is taking matters into their own hands this time.

In response to a New York Times article that claims the Clinton Foundation received millions of dollars from foreign countries who’ve been criticized for sexual discrimination and other human-rights issues, Clinton campaign spokesperson Brian Fallon said not only have the Clintons complied with the law, but they’ve gone “beyond legal requirements,” according to The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Note that there’s no denial of the claim from a camp famous for the parsing of words.

“The policies that governed the foundation’s activities during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state already went far beyond legal requirements and yet the foundation submitted to even more rigorous standards when Clinton declared her candidacy for president, and is pledging to go even further if she wins,” Fallon said in a statement.

Among the countries named are Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait. Donors also include the son-in-law of former Ukrainian President Leonid Kuchma, whose government was criticized for corruption and the murder of journalists, according to The Times.

Of course, if that defense falls through, Fallon can fall back on a familiar argument — the vast right-wing conspiracy.

The Clinton aide told Fox News’ Bret Baier earlier this month that the Clinton Foundation “continues to be unfairly the subject of many partisan attacks.”

But should Clinton win in November, Slick Willy said Americans can set aside any further worries about a conflict of interest regarding the Clinton Foundation, which has taken in $2 billion-plus in donations.

The Times reported that Bill Clinton said on Thursday the foundation would no longer accept foreign or corporate money and that he would resign from its board should wife Hillary be elected president.

Feel better?

Tom Tillison


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