Colin Powell BURIES Hillary during red carpet interview with People Mag: ‘The truth is . . .’

Colin Powell continues to push back on the claim that while being interviewed by the FBI, Hillary Clinton reportedly told agents the former secretary of state recommended that she use a private email account at the State Department.

In response to Clinton throwing him under the bus, Powell said in a statement he “has no recollection” of a dinner party conversation where he allegedly offered that advice.

Powell offered an even more stringent denial over the weekend during a red carpet interview with People Magazine — a denial that all but buries Clinton.

Bloomberg political reporter Sahil Kapur tweeted a damning snapshot of Powell saying that Clinton was ALREADY using a private email server before any exchanges between them took place:

All of which prompted some to ask if Clinton lied to the FBI after all, and if that would amount to perjury:

The reaction on social media served to reinforce the reason some refer to Bill Clinton as “Slick Willy”… here’s a small sampling of responses from Twitter:


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