Defensive Dana Perino goes off on rare Twitter rant to explain her chronic pessimism

Dana Perino is pessimistic about the state of the Republican presidential campaign and, in a series of tweets, explained why.

“Many of you write, wanting me to tell you GOOD things about the gop chances this year. I wish I could do that. But I WILL NOT LIE TO YOU,” tweeted Perino, a Fox News host and former White House press secretary for President George W. Bush.

On Wednesday’s “The Five” on Fox News Channel, Perino argued with co-host Eric Bolling on the importance of poll results. She said it was a “real disservice” to Trump supporters “to lie to them that those polls don’t matter.”

Later on Wednesday, Perino took to Twitter to elaborate on her view.

She recalled the 2012 election and how she had “been suckered into a fall sense of complacency.”

And with many weeks to go before the 2016 presidential election wraps up, Perino was not optimistic for the GOP chances given the current state of the race.

Perino concluded that she would not buy into the “delusion” that polls don’t matter.

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Frieda Powers


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