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Actress Kirstie Alley shreds Obama’s lame excuse on flood: ‘THEY need HELP! I didn’t need an invitation’

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As President Barack Obama continues his vacation on Martha’s Vineyard amid generational flooding in Louisiana, the contrast of then-Sen. Obama ripping former President George W. Bush for his response to Hurricane Katrina quickly comes to mind.

And with the president spending his days on the golf course, the hypocrisy is stunning.

Obama put his soaring rhetoric to use at the time to condemn then-incumbent President George W. Bush for “a trust that was broken” by a government expected to “respond in a catastrophe.”

The media eviscerated Bush back then like few presidents experience — yes, the same outlets who stand silent today — and the story even took on a racial component when recording artist Kanye West declared, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.”

But if a complicit media won’t call Obama out for his duplicity, actress Kirstie Alley will.

The former star of the hit TV series “Cheers” took to social media to point out what the media refuses to report on:


Alley also discovered real quick that criticizing Obama is met with intense push back from his fan club:

But the actress had a ready answer for apologists who tried to lay cover for Obama, to include a reminder that while she is “just a gorgeous actress,” even she pitched in during Hurricane Katrina:

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Tom Tillison


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