Jan Brewer says no way people of Arizona will back ‘lying killer’ Hillary Clinton

Former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer didn’t mince her words this week while discussing the 2016 election, calling Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton a “lying killer.”

The Republican also went out on a limb to insist Clinton will not win Arizona in the November election.

“The people want a fighter,” Brewer told KTAR-FM. “They’re tired of the lying killer, uh … Hillary Clinton and Bill Clintons of the world.”

Brewer described Republican nominee Donald Trump as “a candidate of a different color,” and said that while the opposition has been “baiting” him, she expects he will run a “much tighter” campaign going forward.

As for Arizona, a CBS News/YouGov poll taken at the beginning of the month shows Trump being ahead by 2 points, which is close in the reliable Red state.

When confronted over her stinging rhetoric by the media, Brewer took a page out of Democrat’s playbook to say she misspoke.

“I was trying to say Hillary Clinton,” she told Buzzfeed News. “It was a stumble of the tongue. Good grief.”

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Tom Tillison


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