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Wait, what? Glenn Beck claims Donald Trump is creating a conservative ‘Black Lives Matter’

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is creating a conservative version of Black Lives Matter, according to Glenn Beck.

The conservative radio host accused Trump during Monday’s broadcast of his syndicated talk show.

“He’s making a new group of Black Lives Matter. He’s making a new group of people that so distrust and hate the system that they will buy anything. It was a rigged election, the media ought to go to jail, and it’s these Republicans, and not look at who’s leading that,” Beck said. “Same thing. They start with a good reason like Black Lives Matter.”

Beck, the founder of the multi platform news and entertainment network, The Blaze, and an outspoken opponent of Trump’s, seemed to perhaps recently be changing his tone about the GOP nominee. Beck also began to promote the idea that all lives matter, noting that everyone should listen to each other’s valid complaints.

Speaking on his show Monday, Beck speculated that if Trump lost the election he would  probably start his own television network.

“It will reinforce all the things that his little conspiratorial world is, and it will draw those people in,” Beck said. “It will keep them locked in.

“It will galvanize them and when Hillary Clinton goes awry, which she will, those people are going to be our — I don’t want to say Black Lives Matter because I hope they won’t get violent, but maybe they will. I don’t know.”

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