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REDACTED! FBI gives Congress Clinton interview documents and it’s worse than expected

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Congress got an eyeful of black.

The FBI has provided a congressional committee with Hillary Clinton’s interview documents but major portions have been blacked out.

The House Government Oversight Committee received a heavily redacted FBI summary of last month’s interview with Clinton regarding her use of a private email server for government business, according to Fox News.

Republican chairman of the House Government Oversight Committee Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah told Fox News:

“As the chairman of the chief investigative body in the House, it is significant I can’t even read these documents in their entirety. This shows how dangerous it was to have this intelligence, highly classified to this day, on the former secretary’s unsecured personal server where it was vulnerable.”


Catherine Herridge, Chief Intelligence correspondent for the Fox News Channel, said the fact that sections of the documents are blacked out is significant.

“It tells us that even to this day, the information is so highly classified that some members of Congress can’t even read it,” Herridge told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren on Tuesday. She added that the heavily redacted files that must be held and read by lawmakers in a secure facility further raises suspicion and contradicts claims made by Clinton’s campaign.

According to former military intelligence officer Tony Shaffer, the heavy redactions prove just how serious the offense is:.

“This information being highly classified according to the FBI is in direct conflict with what the State Department and Ms. Clinton have said is on the server. You could not have it both ways. You cannot say one day this is unclassified ‘nothing to see here’ and the next day, only certain people can see this and you must not be able to take it outside of a secure facility.”


Watch Herridge discuss the significance of the classified material in the video below.

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Video clip via Fox News Channel.

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