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Even O’Reilly admits donations from George Soros ‘may present a problem’ for Hillary

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The mainstream media may ignore the implications of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton receiving money from a “far-left fanatic,” but Fox News host Bill O’Reilly says her party cannot turn a blind eye.

The Democratic National Committee has to comment on “disturbing” revelations about billionaire George Soros, who gave approximately $13 million to Democrats this election cycle, including $7 million to a Clinton super PAC, O’Reilly said in his “Talking Points Memo” segment Tuesday on “The O’Reilly Factor.”

That “may present a problem” for Clinton, O’Reilly said.

“You may remember that Donald Trump got hammered by the media for not disavowing David Duke quickly enough. Duke, of course, a far-right hater,” O’Reilly said. “But now we have a far-left individual, Soros, bent on harming Israel, America’s strongest ally in the Middle East.”

The left-wing financier, who supports worldwide open borders, has reportedly given millions of dollars to those who opposed Israel while also funding investigations of those opposed to radical Islam. The revelations came from more than 2,000 documents connected to Soros that were exposed by hackers believed to be backed by Russia.

Despite the importance of the revelations, O’Reilly said the mainstream media would probably not report on it but Democrats should not ignore the disclosure.

“Does the Democratic Party advocate open borders worldwide?” O’Reilly said. “Does the Democratic Party support the enemies of Israel?

“The Democratic Party must comment on George Soros and his activities. We’ve requested a statement from the DNC, and we will let you know if they reply tomorrow.”

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Video clip via Fox News Channel.

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