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Never seen a liberal defend Sharia law? Sally Kohn can definitely fix that for you.

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CNN commentator Sally Kohn is widely seen a “progressive” warrior, which comes in handy because it takes a real warrior spirit to defend sharia law.

…which is precisely what Kohn did on Tuesday in her haste to throw shade at Donald Trump.

For a quick refresher, sharia law is the 7th century edict that calls for beheadings, stoning women and the amputation of limbs. It also never abolished slavery and even regulates sexual slavery.

All of which makes it odd that Kohn, who is openly gay — sharia mandates that homosexuals be killed — would embarrass herself by defending the codified principles of the Islamic faith.

As anticipated, the reaction on social media was not very forgiving of Kohn’s insanity… here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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