Here’s what one former SEAL told Greta about Donald Trump’s plan for our enemies

A former U.S. Navy SEAL appreciates that Donald Trump can acknowledge the threat of radical Islamic terrorism, unlike his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

“Successful leadership requires a brutally honest assessment of yourself, your team and certainly of your adversary,” Leif Babin told Fox News host Greta Van Susteren on Monday during the “On The Record” broadcast.

Babin said he liked Trump’s foreign policy speech the GOP nominee delivered Monday in Youngstown, Ohio, because he named the enemy — “radical Islam.”

“It was very refreshing to see him acknowledge the nature and seriousness of the threat,” Babin said, reacting to Trump’s speech in which he outlined his anti-terrorism plan.

Babin noted that acknowledgment was something he had not seen from Clinton or President Obama.

“If you deny who your enemies are” Babin said, “that they’re even a threat and try to gloss them over with talking points and spin them to your political advantage, we’re never going to actually solve that.”

Babin, a combat veteran who deployed three times to Iraq and earned a Silver Star, two Bronze Stars and a Purple Heart, said he was not disturbed by the lack of details in Trump’s speech. He noted there was “way too much” detail from eight years under Obama that he deemed “unnecessary.”

He said he believed it would be easy to defeat ISIS if U.S. troops were given a clear mission and support.

“Had we taken the necessary steps to destroy ISIS two years ago, we could have absolutely done that,” Babin said. “We just have to give our military folks the power to do so.”

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Video from Fox News.


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