Brigitte Gabriel battles Muslim activist over Trump’s speech

Debate over Donald Trump’s speech on defeating radical Islam continued well into the night.

“Actually, I loved his speech today, ” Brigitte Gabriel said on “The Kelly File,” Monday.

Gabriel reminded viewers that she escaped religious persecution from Lebanon, and had only the highest of accolades for Trump’s plan to essentially super-vet immigrants coming into America. Under Trump’s plan only those who share American values of equality and tolerance would be accepted. They would also need a clear understanding and willingness to accept the U.S. Constitution.

“We do not want immigrants coming here who hate our way of life, who do not want to live under our Constitution, who do not value equality between men and women, who bring a different set of values into this country,” Gabriel said. “Those are not the immigrants we want, and I think his speech today was fabulous.”

Gabriel praised Trump for being a leader not afraid to call “a spade, a spade.”

Muslim community activist Muhammed Chaudhry was on the panel, and didn’t quite see it the same way, and accused Trump of “fear mongering.”

Chaudhry suggested Trump meet with Muslim leaders to discover that the radical element of Islam is only a small fraction of the community. He said Trump’s plan stems from “bigotry” and ignorance” and added that the vast majority of people killed by radical Islam are Muslims.

“So this is not Islam versus Christians versus Jews,” Chaudhry said.

Chaudhry did at least call for action within Muslim communities to combat the spread of radicalism, to which Gabriel agreed.

“We want more people like [Muhammed],” Gabriel said. “But he does not represent the radical Islam we are dealing with today and that Trump is talking about.”


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