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While media blathers on, terror EXPERT says Trump’s ‘absolutely right’ on Obama, Hillary & ISIS

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Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump earned some expert backing for his claim that President Obama is the “founder” of the Islamic State.

Terrorism expert Sebastian Gorka said Trump is “absolutely right” in crediting Obama and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton with the rise of the extremist group.

“If he means that the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton facilitated the growth of ISIS into the most powerful jihadi insurgency the world has ever seen, he is absolutely right,” Gorka said on Fox News Channel’s “The Kelly File” on Thursday.

Gorka pointed out that when Obama was elected president in 2008 and appointed Clinton as secretary of state, ISIS did not exist and al-Qaida was only “one regional franchise inside Iraq.”

“When we withdrew our troops, when we started to cook the books on intelligence,” Gorka said, “then we facilitated the rise of ISIS.

“With these false red lines in Syria that meant nothing,” Gorka said, “all the things were put in place by this administration to help this former al-Qaida franchise become a trans-regional insurgency.”

Trump has not retracted his comments and continued to double down on his claim that Obama founded the group.

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