‘He’s a man that loves God’: Spiritual adviser dishes on Trump’s relationship with the man upstairs

Ronald Reagan’s personal astrologer wasn’t too well received, but Donald Trump is reaching even further with his own spiritual adviser.

Appearing on CNN Thursday, televangelist Paula White explained that a random phone call from Trump evolved into a long friendship and offered some insight into the Republican presidential nominee’s faith and relationship with God.

“What I can absolutely tell you about him is that he’s a man that loves God,” White told CNN’s Erin Burnett.

White went on to say Trump is “much more hungry in his heart for God than what I think people would ever imagine or suspect.”

“He would watch Christian television and … would be hungry for the word,” she said. “Hungry to hear and would ask me so many different questions.”

While hesitant to share their private times, White said she remembered Trump once asking her, “Paula, when do you turn the other cheek and when do you forgive?”

“That’s a strong biblical question, and an interesting one,” she explained to Burnett. “We all at some point ask ourselves — whether we’re preachers or whether we’re sitting in the pew or whether we’re Mr. Trump — ‘Do I put on the boxing gloves right now or do I turn the cheek? What did Jesus exactly mean by that?'”

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Tom Tillison


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