A surprising percentage of black pastors are breaking the law right now to get Hillary elected

A significant percentage of black pastors are willing to risk serious fines to advocate for Hillary Clinton.

While religious institutions are allowed to engage in politics in the form of voter-registration drives and host candidate forums, it is against the law to directly campaign for a particular candidate.

The often ignored law has been in place for more than 60 years and comes with a maximum punishment of losing tax exempt status, the Atlantic reported. And it could gain you a thorough audit from the IRS, seemingly something scary enough to steer anyone away from breaking it.

But according to a report, there is a large group willing to take their chances in order to vie for Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

The Atlantic reported:

Fully 28 percent of those who have attended black Protestant churches in the last few months heard their pastor support Hillary Clinton. Seven percent experienced the opposite—their leaders opposed the U.S. Democratic presidential nominee. On the whole, though, black pastors are much more opposed to Donald Trump: 20 percent of recent attendees said they’ve heard comments against Trump at church. This kind of political advocacy apparently extends to down-ballot races, too: 9 percent of black-church attendees heard clergy speak in favor of a candidate who wasn’t Trump or Clinton, while 6 percent heard their pastors speak in opposition.


It’s hard to imagine why black pastors, in particular, would be willing to risk so much, in order to toe-the-line for an entrenched partisan hack who’s party has taken for granted the black vote for decades.

Not even the first black president with a “D” in front of his name could (or would) help black communities rooted in poverty and violence. Perhaps, another decade of failing, bankrupted schools and lack of job opportunities is what is now expected.

Or, perhaps, it’s time for something new.


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