Cocky Boston U student brags, trashes Trump signs on VIDEO; here’s why she’s suddenly super sorry!

A young woman is in apology mode after she received fierce backlash for her brazen display of theft and vandalism of private property.

Vandals stealing or otherwise trashing yard signs is a common frustration that marks every election cycle, but rarely does the perp openly boast of their antics on social media.

The woman, who goes by the Twitter name “sharkatia,”  posted a video of herself — “per Twitter request” — going onto someone’s lawn and stealing, then ripping up two Donald Trump yard signs.

Sharkatia AA

“Sharkatia’s,” profile identified her as a 20-year-old Costa Rican. In the profile she referred to herself as “a little savage” and denoted “BU Engineering 2018,” which is Boston University, according to Campus Reform.

After some advice from her mother, and Twitter users, it dawned on her that she can be charged for her actions and she yanked the video.

Sharkatia BA

But things posted on the Internet don’t disappear that easy and she spent some time giving apologies.

The question is, is she sorry or is she sorry she is dealing with the consequences?

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