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Will Megyn Kelly dish on Roger Ailes in soon-to-be-released memoirs?

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With Fox News ratings queen Megyn Kelly set to release her memoirs in November, Adweek asked the intriguing question of whether Kelly will dish on charges of sexual harassment leveled against ex-boss Roger Ailes.

kelly memoirWhile a number of Fox News personalities came to the defense of Ailes after former employee Gretchen Carlson filed suit against him for sexual harassment, Kelly was conspicuously quiet.

Adding to the intrigue, Adweek reported that “Kelly is believed to have spoken privately to investigators hired by 21st Century Fox, making her own accusation of harassment by Ailes 10 years ago.”

But will she confirm or deny the allegation?

Arizona bookstore owner Cindy Dach told The Wall Street Journal that Kelly’s book, “Settle for More,” is likely to touch on the matter.

“If this book is her memoir, it will be hard not to have Roger Ailes in the book,” Dach said.

On the contrary, Adweek pointed to Vanity Fair writer Emily Jane Fox, who offered several reasons why Ailes won’t be in the book:

The manuscript was reportedly due months before Carlson’s allegations, for one, and there is also the possibility of some sort of confidentiality agreement in Kelly’s contract. Add to that the fact that the Murdochs, who own Fox News, also own her publishing house (mind you, they also own the Journal, which was openly questioning all of this). But if Kelly relies on the same playbook she used with Trump—and why wouldn’t she?—she will use the ensuing media tour to raise flags. That’s what she did in the Vanity Fair cover story, and in the many interviews leading up to her prime-time special: drop in a bit of splashy news about her interaction with the candidate or her co-workers to break into a news cycle and bring the spotlight back to her. She has a contract to negotiate, a book to sell, a career that could either be redefined or not. Expect fireworks.


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