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Police union newsletter has Black Lives Matter ‘barking mad’ over ‘inflammatory’ image of dogs

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The violent Black Lives Matter movement is not a joyful group to say the least.

Racially divisive activists are “barking mad” at an image in the Police Officers Association Journal, which is the official monthly newsletter of the San Francisco police union, the New York Daily News reported.

The offending image the perpetually aggrieved activists claim is racist shows a black dog and a white dog sitting next to each other with signs around their necks — the black dog’s sign states, “Black Labs Matter,” while the white dog’s sign says, “All Labs Matter.”

“Maybe it’s time we all just sit back and tone down the rhetoric,” the accompanying captions reads.

Photo Source NY Daily News

Sgt. Yulanda Williams, president of Officers for Justice, an organization within the San Francisco Police Department representing black and other non white officers, told the San Francisco Chronicle the photo “shows a severe lack of understanding.”

That the department has such a divisive group within its ranks sympathetic to the anti-cop Black Lives Matter group is a story all to itself.

“It’s so inflammatory, and they still don’t get it,” Williams said of the Police Officers Association. “They still choose to inflame situations, and it’s just really insulting.”

Oakland Black Lives Matter activist Alicia Garza was equally critical of the police union.

“I think that it’s clear that the POA continues to be tone-deaf around the real issues surrounding police accountability,” she told the Chronicle.

“They characterize as rhetoric what is actually a really concerning problem of a lack of accountability, a lack of transparency and a lack of professionalism in that department,” Garza added.

While the union did not comment on the photo, a recent radio ad addressed toning down the rhetoric.

“In light of the rising violence against police officers, we hope everyone can start to turn down the volume,” president Martin Halloran said in the ad. “Anti-police rhetoric has been cited as a contributing factor to violence against police officers. I think we can all do better and the police will do our part.”

Perhaps they can start handing out free ice cream… that always brings joy.

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