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The White House’s response to Trump’s accusation the election is ‘rigged’, well, it’s just typical

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If it’s good enough for Barack Obama, it should be good enough for you.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest responded to concerns from Donald Trump that Voter ID laws being struck down could open up the possibility of voter fraud by saying there’s nothing to see here folks.

“The president has confidence in the integrity of our electoral process and everybody else should, too,” he told reporters at Wednesday’s daily briefing, according to Politico.

With the courts having recently thrown out Voter ID laws in several states, the GOP presidential nominee expressed concerns about the voting process being “rigged” during an appearance Tuesday on Fox News.

“You don’t have to have voter ID to now go in and vote, and it’s a little bit scary, and I’ve heard a lot of bad things… I mean, people are going to walk in, they are going to vote 10 times maybe,” Trump said.

But Earnest countered that only losers harbor such concerns.

“I know this is the subject of debate at the end of the last presidential election when some supporters of Gov. [Mitt] Romney complained of skewed polling,” he said. “So this is not a new claim. I would just note that it is often a claim made by people who don’t end up winning elections.”

The White House spokesman then repeated a Democratic Party talking point that could have originated with ACORN, the now-defunct criminal enterprise known for voter registration fraud.

“What I’ll just say in general is that the cornerstone of our democracy is the ability of eligible voters, citizens to cast a ballot and to have it counted and the more people participate in that system, the more people that participate in that process, then the stronger our democracy,” Earnest said.

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