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Pollster Frank Luntz says there’s ONE thing Trump must do to clinch the win

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Republican pollster and strategist Frank Luntz has a surefire way for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to secure the presidency.

“He needs to be specific with one program that bothers the American people more than anything else,” Luntz said, pointing to “Washington waste,” he said during a podcast interview with Katie Couric

“If Donald Trump announces on day one that he will conduct a forensic audit of the U.S. budget,” he said, “and in 100 days we will go through every line, we’ll cut every single program that doesn’t work, and if you were responsible for that program you’ll be looking for work — he’s the next president.”

Luntz offered the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton some advice as well.

“She needs to level, she needs to be candid and humble,” he said, noting that if Clinton admits her mistakes, but is honest with the American people, she could win the election.

Luntz said he believes Trump’s non-politically correct style, saying things that are “unedited, uncensored” is what draws people to his camp.

“It agitates people what he says, but they’re so grateful that he says it,” Luntz added.

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