O’Reilly confronts Trump over Khan family; unlike Hillary, he gives a straight answer

Bill O’Reilly scolded Donald Trump over his reaction to attacks by Khizr Khan, saying he made himself a target for the liberal media.

Trump blasted the “totally dishonest” media and maintained that he was “viciously attacked” by Khan in his speech at the Democratic National Convention. On Tuesday’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” the Fox News host asked Trump if it wouldn’t have been “smarter” to ignore Khan.

Though he found Trump’s need to respond understandable, O’Reilly told the GOP nominee that “it wasn’t wise to bring the mother in,” by suggesting that she did not speak because she was a Muslim.

Trump defended his actions saying that “many people discussed this,” and “when I said it, it became like a big deal.”

“If you go after somebody and you’re punching down,” O’Reilly said, “the left-wing press is going to seize that and call you a racist, a bully and a sexist.”

“I agree,” Trump responded.

“So in the future, you just got to let it go,” O’Reilly advised.

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Video from Fox News.



Frieda Powers


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