Benghazi mom puts media on blast for blatant hypocrisy: Hillary treated me like dirt!

From one grieving parent to another, this mother’s words cut like ice.

Donald Trump’s reaction to heavy criticism from Gold Star father Khizr Khan has been receiving mostly one-sided round-the-clock news coverage for days.

In hopes to put a serious dent in any gains made by the presidential nominee after a very successful Republican National Convention, political pundits piled on Trump after he brazenly defended himself against attacks made by Khan at the DNC.

Conservatives, meanwhile, have rightfully wondered why the media has all but ignored Hillary Clinton’s response to another Gold Star parent, Patricia Smith, the grieving mother of hero Sean Smith, who was murdered in Benghazi.

Smith has been a vocal critic of Hillary Clinton and spoke at the RNC. In response to Smith’s criticism, Clinton called Smith, and other family members of Benghazi victims, liars.

So where’s the media outrage?

Smith’s remarks pointed out the blatant hypocrisy when she took time to talk with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin on Monday. Baldwin repeatedly tried to get Smith to condemn Trump for his remarks about the Khan family. And while Smith indicated that Trump’s words for Khan may have been a bit tough for a grieving parent, she verified that she liked Donald Trump, and didn’t feel he needed to apologize for his beliefs.

Clinton on the other hand …

“I was treated like dirt,” Smith said.

“I don’t think the Khan family was treated that way. But I was treated like dirt, I was called a liar. [Clinton] went on TV many times and nodding her head, thinking that she’s so wonderful and she knows everything, and I know nothing …

“I don’t like her decisions, she kills people!”


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