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Are we being punked or did team Hillary seriously just host a ‘cybersecurity fundraiser’?

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Taking the failure of self-awareness to new heights — or depths — a Hillary Clinton fundraiser is taking place in Las Vegas this week that’s being advertised as a “Hillary for America Cybersecurity Fundraiser.”

The event is being held during the annual Black Hat “global information security event,” and will include, among others, Michael Sulmeyer, who is reportedly the Clinton campaign’s cybersecurity working group coordinator, The Weekly Standard reported.

Twitchy discovered the tweet and the entertainment that followed:

The conservative magazine noted that the fundraiser is not listed as an official Clinton campaign event, but tickets can be purchased through the campaign website.

The ideal that Hillary is even brought up in the same sentence as cyber-security proved to be more than some social media users could stand.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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