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Pollster Pat Caddell shares results of game-changing poll that exposes big secret BOTH Parties are missing

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Democratic pollster Pat Caddell believes that as the country nears the November election, Americans have real concerns about immigration — even Democrats.

But he says both political parties are failing to catch on.

Pointing to a Breitbart/Gravis poll on immigration, the political commentator said on the question of whether immigration numbers are too high, even a majority of Democrats agreed that it was.

“There is definitely something in the air,” Caddell said, though he questioned whether the Democratic Party is aware of this shift.

“It seems to me that the Democratic leaders and candidates, in regards to immigration, they are not paying attention,” Caddell told Breitbart News.

“The Democratic politicians seem to believe that they are right and the public is wrong and that it will work out OK,” he added. “It is like they are saying: ‘We want to be right and we are not changing’ — they are convincing themselves and I don’t know how they are doing it.”

Caddell, known to slam political consultants, said this is a case where political professionals are telling their clients what they want to hear, not what is really going on, Breitbart News reported.

But he noted that voters this year are not connecting with candidates pushing ideology, which plays right into Republican nominee Donald Trump’s wheelhouse.

“This is not an ideological election, it is an insurgency election,” Caddell said.

In analyzing a poll question on importing foreign workers, which he said GOP leaders support, Caddell spoke of a “vast change inside the Republican Party on trade and immigration” and suggested this has created a disconnect between party leaders and the base.

“This is a warning for Republican politicians, this ain’t working the way they think it’s working,” he said. “Their voters are out of the box — I mean, they are gone. Donald Trump didn’t make them leave, he didn’t create this. This was created by themselves.”

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