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‘Green Lives Matter’ college course about to draw the wrath of violent BLM movement

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A Wisconsin school may soon feel the wrath of the violent Black Lives Matter movement over a new class on environmentalism.

The University of Wisconsin at Green Bay is offering a course that encourages students to support the “environmental justice movement” and have branded the class “Green Lives Matter,” according to Fox News.

The controversial title will support a focus on “the merging of civil rights and environmental concerns.”

(Remember when college was about education and not activism?)

“Timing is everything,” Scott Furlong, the dean of social sciences, told FoxNews.com. “When developed…politicizing the name of the class was not front and center for us.”

Fox News says the university will stand by the class title, but will “remain open to an adjustment if pressed by offended students.”

Which, given the hyper-sensitive nature of social justice warriors roaming American campuses, should occur in 3… 2… 1…

“The name doesn’t come across as very sensitive to me due to the BLM movement and the controversy,” said recent UWGB graduate Nathan Fiene, who is happy to see the course emphasis perceived racism within environmental policies.

Environmental consultant Tracy Thomas told Fox News that environmental causes support the goals of the anti-cop movement.

“’Black Lives Matter’ and ‘Green Lives Matter’ share one common thread-contiguity,” Thomas said.

Who knew?

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Tom Tillison


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