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Black Trump supporter hailed as hero when he FIGHTS to save American flag from being torched

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Amid several reports of flag burnings outside of the Wells Fargo Arena in Philadelphia, one man decided enough was enough.

A tug-of-war erupted as the black man got into a heated battle with someone who was trying to burn the American flag amid protests at the Democratic National Convention.

The man in blue stood his ground against the masked man who presumably owned the flag. He said he would not let go of the flag until the “commies” did. 

“Then take it from me, commie,” he said to the other man.

The stand-off turned into a tug-of-war, and it appeared the “commies” were victorious this time.

As for the hero trying to save the flag, he supports Republican nominee Donald Trump and said the disrespectful actions of the protesters “sickens me.”

“I’m voting for Donald Trump. I’m trying to make America great again, and hopefully he’ll put these commies in jail,” he said.

Though it was not clear, there was speculation that the burn marks on his face were received from trying to protect the burning flag.

He found plenty of gratitude and praise on social media.

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