No American flags at the Democratic National Convention – that’s all you need to know, America

A national presidential convention is a distinctly American event — unless you happen to be a Democrat. If you turn the sound down on the 2016 Democratic Convention you might mistake it for a convention of used car salesmen.

So far, American flags didn’t seem to be in sight — although Soviet and Palestinian flags made their appearance.

Source: screenshot
Source: screenshot

Pictured above is the stage as first lady Michelle Obama was about to make her address minus U.S. flags — not a one in sight.

But surely one would expect Old Glory in abundance on the convention floor, right? Nope!

Source: screenshot
Source: screenshot

Ironically, the first lady during that speech said that America “is the greatest country on Earth.”

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On the other hand, Sen. Bernie Sanders delegates and supporters love to display a very different kind of flag — the one the now-defunct Communist regime of the Soviet Union.

No matter what your opinion of Sen. Lindsey Graham, his description of the Vermont Independent was one of the best lines of the Republican presidential primary.

“The number two guy [running for the Democratic nomination] went to the Soviet Union on his honeymoon, and I don’t think he ever came back,” the South Carolina Republican said.

One could rightfully point out that the Soviet flags were displayed outside of the convention. Although the Hammer and Sickle didn’t make their appearance on the convention floor, the Palestinian flag was prominent.

Former NYPD officer and current Miami/Fort Lauderdale radio host John Cardillo reported:

And what of the Republican National Convention? There was no mistaking it for anything but what it was — An American political convention.

Source: screenshot
Source: screenshot

Ahh, it’s nice to be back in America again.

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