Legal Sea Foods calls Hillary a ‘cold fish’ in satirical ad, gets filleted by schools of angry libs

A Boston-based seafood restaurant chain took things a little too far for some folks with a politically driven ad campaign.

Legal Sea Foods decided to use the contentious 2016 election as the backdrop for some original ads that were supposed to be humorous. Along with taking jabs at actual presidential candidates, the company uses its own president, Roger Berkowitz as a mock contender running in the election.

This approach is treading on very dangerous territory with a polarized electorate, half of whom are just waiting for the next “trigger” moment to send them running for safe spaces.

Case in point: An ad implying that Hillary Clinton is a “cold fish” is not sitting well with many.

“We have a term for cold fish. Sushi.” Read the ad.

According to many on social media, the term “cold fish” is a sexist remark, used for decades to describe emotionally detached women. Although, according to numerous definitions from actual online dictionaries, the term does not discriminate against a specific gender. For example, the Cambridge Dictionary, describes a “cold fish” as “someone who seems unfriendly and who does not share their feelings.”

By that definition, millions would agree with the ad, if not just blow it off entirely as some snarky fun to poke at the combative campaigns.

Plenty of others had a different take:

Oh, it’s real alright. And plenty of others thought nothing of it.



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