CNN’s John King caught on hot mic mocking ‘Irish Lives Matter’

A comment by CNN’s John King seemingly mocking the Black Lives Matter movement was caught on a hot mic during coverage of the Democratic National Convention.

King remarked that “Irish lives matter” during a speech by Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney at the convention on Monday.

CNN video via NTK Network.

“Today, however, I want to share a Philadelphia story you probably don’t know,” Kenney said.  “In 1844, an early version of the Know Nothing political party held a rally here to protest the threat that Irish Catholic immigrants posed to the American way of life. They claimed these immigrants, people like my family, were more like likely to commit crimes than native-born citizens.”

“It’s the Irish Lives Matter movement,” joked King, not aware that his microphone was still on.

“Does that sound familiar? This rhetoric led to riots, St. Michael and St. Augustine churches were burned to the ground,” Kenney continued, attempting to portray Republicans as the modern version of that Know Nothing party.

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Frieda Powers


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