Giuliani goes after Kaine: Hillary and her vp are BOTH corrupt and part of a rigged system

Repeating a charge long asserted by Donald Trump, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani said he agreed with the Republican presidential nominee that the system was rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders.

In an appearance on “Sunday Morning Futures,” Giuliani pointed to the nearly 20,000 leaked Democratic National Committee emails as proof that the Democratic primary was rigged all along to ensure Clinton won the nomination.

“This is a rigged system, and Hillary and [Sen. Tim] Kaine are right in the middle of the Washington insider rigged system,” Giuliani said. “They take money, they take gifts, they take things that ordinary people don’t get. And Donald Trump is the guy who’s the voice of the outsider.”

Giuliani, who supports Trump, said Clinton and Kaine’s insider status will have an impact on Democrats.

When asked to contrast this week’s Democratic National Convention to the just completed Republican National Convention, Giuliani said Sanders delegates will not have the same enthusiasm for Hillary that Republicans did for Trump because they’re upset with the selection of Kaine as her running mate and with the way the primary played out.

Watch his remarks here:

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