RNC focus group could prove why Donald Trump picked Pence: ‘I felt like an American again’

A focus group made up of undecided voters decided they liked Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence.

Some members of Frank Luntz’s panel responded positively to the Indiana governor following his speech accepting the nomination at the Republican National Convention, describing him as “strong,” “genuine,” and “credible.”

“He’s conservative, common-sense, he’s modest. He’s everything Donald Trump is not,” said one man in the group which weighed in during Fox News’ “Hannity” on Wednesday.

One woman thought Pence brought “great balance to the ticket” while another panelist thought Pence was helping bring the Republican Party together.

One man noted that he trusted Trump more with Pence alongside him.

Not everyone agreed, however, as some thought Pence was too “generic” and his speech was “boring.”

But many of the panelists, who had not yet decided which way to vote, said they moved closer to supporting Trump and had a more favorable view of Pence after his speech.

“He said, ‘We are a wounded nation and with God we will heal this country.’ This is like the America I group in,” said one man.  “I had that Reagan moment, or that Kennedy moment. I felt like an American again.”

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Video from Fox News.


Frieda Powers


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