Laura Ingraham’s words created quite a stir at RNC, but ‘salute’ she gave got even more attention

Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham stirred a few emotions while speaking at the 2016 Republican National Convention when she told those with “bruised egos” it’s time to fall in line with Donald Trump.

…that she did it in such a condescending manner comes with the package.

“We should all, even all you boys with wounded feelings and bruised egos, and we love you, we love you, but you must honor your pledge to support Donald Trump now,” Ingraham told the delegates Wednesday evening.

But it’s what she did afterwards that has tongues on the left a-wagging.

Upon concluding her remarks, Ingraham turned and saluted the crowd… and the comparisons to a Nazi salute began in earnest.

“Whether it was a Nazi salute or a wave is unclear,” the New York Daily News said before suggesting “the convention probably wasn’t the best place to make such a similar gesture.”

That sentiment also dominated liberal news sources on social media:




But many Twitter users were quick to point out the hypocrisy… and absurdity:

And one social media user summed up events nicely with this tweet, which included the caption: “This is all liberals took from Laura Ingraham and that’s why they’re useless.”


Tom Tillison


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