Police order restaurant closed after one of their officers bit into THIS in his sandwich…

An Ohio police officer was rushed to the hospital after cutting his mouth when he bit into a sandwich.

The Columbus officer reportedly discovered shards of glass in the sandwich he ordered at a restaurant Monday, according to WSYX-TV.

Police told WSYX that Officer Quoc Nguyen “bit into the sandwich and felt a grisly texture as well as a crunching sound. When he looked into the sandwich, he saw the glass. When he checked his mouth, he saw it was bleeding.”

Nguyen was taken to the hospital by his partner where he was held overnight after undergoing several tests. He was released after being treated and said to be okay, according to investigators, WSYX-TV reported.

The restaurant was shut down while officials investigated.

WSYX-TV reported:

“Columbus Public Health officials said they inspected the food and spoke with the person who served the sandwich on Tuesday. They didn’t find anything wrong with the food, but found several glass plates with chips on the rim and four small pieces of clear broken glass under the drying rack.

A spokesperson with the health department said finding glass in food is extremely rare. No charges have been filed in the case.

Leon Lewis, the operations manager for Lincoln Cafe, said they’re cooperating with the investigations by Columbus Police and Columbus Public Health.”


Video from WSYX-TV.

Frieda Powers


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