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Chris Christie destroys Hillary with blow after blow. And the RNC crowd’s response to every question? GUILTY.

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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie appeared to have one job at the 2016 Republican National Convention — attack Hillary Clinton.

Christie excels at going after others on Donald Trump’s behalf, but he opted to “do something fun tonight” in holding a mock trial of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in his address to the Cleveland convention. The stated goal being “to hold her accountable for her performance and her character.”

And did he ever.

“We’re going to present the facts to you, as a jury of her peers, both in this hall and in living rooms around our nation,” Christie said, after reminding the crowd that he was a former federal prosecutor. “I’m going to render a case on the facts against Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

Christie proceeded to lay out multiple charges against Clinton with an emphasis on her time as secretary of state, from her decision-making in Libya to mishandling classified information.

And he allowed the Republican delegates to play along as the jury: “Is she guilty or not guilty?” the governor asked after each indictment.

Needless to say, a good time was had by all as Christie brought down the house.

“We didn’t disqualify Hillary Clinton to be President of the United States — the facts of her life and career disqualify her,” Christie concluded before singing Trump’s praises.

Clinton responded on social media to Christie’s performance, taking the expected angle of attack.

“If you think Chris Christie can lecture anyone on ethics, we have a bridge to sell you,” she tweeted with a link to a New York Times summary of Bridge-gate.

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