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‘WHITE’ is no longer allowed to be a color! Left goes nuts over color-coded GOP convention elevators

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In Barack Obama’s “post-racial America,” it seems the left sees everything through the lens of color.

The New York Daily News jumped at the opportunity to tag the GOP the “grand old segregated party” in response to a color-coded elevator sign in Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena, site of this year’s national convention… even including a Jim Crow-era photo of segregated water fountains in its story.

Wall Street Journal reporter Byron Tau appears to be the first to comment on the “White Elevators” sign in a tweet posted Saturday afternoon, adding that it was being replaced “for obvious reasons.”


Worse yet, many are trying to pin the blame for the ill-advised “Jim Crow-esque” sign on presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump — as if the candidate, when not busy campaigning, is also responsible for logistics at the 2016 Republican National Convention.

Henceforth, the color “white” is banned from being used in any color-coding process in America due to hyper-sensitive social justice warriors incapable of seeing beyond skin color — left-wing zealots armed with hammers in search of a nail.

Social media user offered the most likely explanation, that there are “Red,” White” and “Blue” elevators — you know, the colors of the American flag the left loathes so much.

Unfortunately, Tau does not offer any perspective, seemingly stuck on the optics of the one sign.

Here’s a sampling of responses to the ridiculous charges of racism and segregation from Twitter:


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