Obama might want to rethink how ‘dramatically’ race relations have improved when he sees this new poll

A recent poll destroys President Obama’s claim that race relations have improved under his tenure.

Speaking at the memorial service for five Dallas police officers who were murdered by a sniper last week, Obama said  that “race relations have improved dramatically in my lifetime.”

Whether a case of not checking the figures or just wishful thinking, Obama’s claim may have to be revisited.

A CBS/New York Times poll released Wednesday shows that negative views on race relations in the U.S. have actually risen, with 69 percent of Americans thinking they are bad.

In an 11-point drop from one year ago, the poll shows that only 26 percent of Americans think race relations in the U.S. are mostly good.

CBS News reported:

“White Americans have traditionally been more optimistic about race relations than black Americans, but in this poll their views are similar: whites are just as pessimistic as blacks about the state of race relations in the U.S.

And there is growing pessimism about whether race relations are improving. Now just 9 percent of Americans think race relations are getting better, while 59 percent think they are getting worse. A year ago, 21 percent thought race relations were improving, and 38 percent thought they were getting worse.”

Positive opinions of race relations have been steadily dropping since mid-2014 after reaching a high of 66 percent in April 2009.

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Frieda Powers


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