Meanwhile, Brian Williams just said THIS while talking about the Nice terror attack

News anchor Brian Williams used an unfortunate choice of words while reporting on the terror attack in Nice, France.

On air Thursday on MSNBC, Williams said he had “plowed over” Chris Matthews’ regularly scheduled show to cover the breaking news.

The horrific attack was carried out by a man who drove a large truck through crowds of people who were celebrating Bastille Day in the southern French city. More than 80 people died, many of them children, as the truck drove into them and the man allegedly opened fire from inside before being killed by police.

Williams had been speaking about the postponement of Donald Trump’s vice presidential pick announcement due to the attack when he uttered the words he would soon regret.

“We have just plowed over the normal hour airtime of Chris Matthews tonight because of this confluence of breaking news, and I wanted to go to Chris while we still can and Chris, hear from you about just what we’ve been witnessing here.”

Social media reaction was swift and straightforward.

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Frieda Powers


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