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Hannity jumps ALL OVER former Miss. Alabama for saying she didn’t feel sorry for slain officers

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The former Miss Alabama who posted a video saying she did not feel sorry for the murdered Dallas police officers, has now apparently changed her mind.

Kalyn Chapman James, the first black woman to be crowned Miss Alabama, sparked outrage for the video she posted on her Facebook page in which she tearfully declared her conflicted feelings for the officers while calling the Dallas gunman a “martyr.”

Fox News host Sean Hannity grilled James, who was suspended from her job at a Florida TV station as a result of the fallout from the video, on “Hannity” Tuesday.

James emphasized that she did value human life and in her video she was dealing with her “emotions that were in progress at that time.”

“You can’t value human life and say such a thing,” Hannity said. “These officers were gunned down in cold blood. Their families will never see their loved ones again, and you said you don’t feel bad for them.”

“I was really conflicted and very sad,” James explained,  “that I was finding it hard to go into my heart, to be true to my values of valuing human life at that time because I had just witnessed atrocities against these men.” She added that she “absolutely” felt bad for the officers now.

James also defended her comments on calling the gunman a martyr, saying she only meant that he had died for a cause – one that she did not believe in. “I have a big heart,” she said.

“It didn’t sound it like in that video. You didn’t sound like a big-hearted person,” Hannity said.

“He’s not a martyr to me. He doesn’t represent my feelings,” James said. “I would never, ever condone or support anyone who takes the lives of innocent people.”

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Video from Fox News.


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