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Louie Gohmert to Loretta Lynch: How much time did you spend on Hillary case?

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Rep. Louie Gohmert accused Attorney General Loretta Lynch of dodging his questions during a House committee meeting.

Lynch faced the committee investigating the FBI’s recommendation not to seek criminal charges against Hillary Clinton in her email scandal on Tuesday. Gohmert peppered Lynch with questions about her actions and subsequent decision to follow the recommendations of the team investigating the emails.

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The Texas Republican asked Lynch directly if she had read Clinton’s recorded testimony, repeatedly questioning if she had done her own research before clearing Clinton of charges. Lynch continued to evade a direct answer, instead referring back to her previous statements.

“If you’re not going to answer the question, then let’s move on,” Gohmert said.

“I find it extraordinary that after a three and a half hour interview, so quickly a recommendation is made,” he said. “I am shocked. I thought it would be weeks before an answer could be made.”

“Your oath was not to follow the recommendation of some team,” Gohmert cautioned the Attorney General.   “Your oath is your own responsibility to our Constitution and those that are working under you.”

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