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Gutfeld may be only guy on planet who thinks FBI hurt Democrats–but he has a fascinating reason why

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While the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails did not result in criminal charges against the former secretary of state, her party may now be in a more precarious position.

Fox News’ Greg Gutfield believes FBI Director James Comey just handed Republicans a plate full of attacks to use against the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee by presenting her, not as a criminal, but as “damaged goods.”

Comey’s resolution not to indict Clinton was “not exactly a ringing endorsement,” Gutfield said on Fox News’ “The Five” on Tuesday. He added that the FBI was saying, in effect, that even though there was not enough evidence to prosecute Clinton, “there’s more than enough to scare the hell out of you and put a country in jeopardy.”

“So we’re not arresting you, Hillary. We’re just calling you a ‘big jerk’ who should be arrested,” Gutfield said.

“Comey just delivered a plate of juicy soundbites to the Republicans,” Gutfield said, adding that the Democrats are more “in a bind” now than if charges were brought against Clinton.

“But they won’t bring charges. Instead they did something that was worse,” he said. “They portrayed her as incompetent, careless and unsafe in an increasingly unsafe world. She’s not a criminal, she’s damaged goods on the run and running, her ineptitude like failure on steroids.”

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Video from Fox News.


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