Even CNN’s Wolf Blitzer thinks Hillary’s email excuses are a bunch of crap: ‘What was she thinking?’

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer got into a spirited debate with longtime Clinton friend Lanny Davis over Hillary Clinton’s “extremely careless” handling of classified information, with the CNN host asking, “How could she do that?”

While noting no charges were recommended, Blitzer described FBI Director James Comey’s statement as a “blistering indictment” of Clinton, but Davis would rather criticize Donald Trump than discuss Clinton’s actions.

Blitzer tried to get Davis to admit there was gross negligence on Clinton’s part for mishandling the most sensitive kind of classified information, but his guest wasn’t budging.

Davis went on to speak highly of Comey, at least until Blitzer asked him if he agreed with the FBI director that “any reasonable person” should have known the information was classified and shouldn’t have been on her server.

Pointing to her judgement, Blitzer pressed Davis on why Clinton was using a private email server.

“You’re close to her, you could…’Hillary, what were you thinking, why were you doing this?'” the CNN host said.

Davis repeatedly said the former secretary of state admitted she made “a mistake,” before acknowledging Clinton had “concerns about privacy.”

So she used an unsecured private email server?

But Davis wasn’t going there, he had bigger fish to fry…. like attacking Trump.

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Tom Tillison


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