‘A bunch of nonsense!’ Megyn Kelly jumps all over Hillary’s email excuses

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly opened Tuesday’s show with an excoriating look at past claims Hillary Clinton made about her private email server, charging that the former secretary of state “systematically misled the American people for 16 months.”

Pointing to FBI Director James Comey’s statement Tuesday, Kelly went through several claims Clinton made about her use of a private email server, debunking them one at a time, such as Clinton saying she neither sent nor received classified email.

“This is not a matter of retroactive classification; that was another misleading statement from the Clinton camp,” Kelly said.

Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume agreed that Comey “blew up [Clinton’s] whole network of lies.”

“Basically what he said is, she did everything short of a crime and then lied about it all the way,” Hume said.

Kelly chimed in to say this occurred while Clinton was being investigated.

“She repeatedly told the American people a bunch of nonsense!” she said.

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Tom Tillison


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